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International Travel and Medical Coverage

Securing medical coverage while on vacation in a foreign country is very, very important. Who wants a surgeon spitting on a rusty knife and proceeding to operate on you? Who wants to pay over $50,000 to get out of that country and be taken to a country where you can get very good medical care?

I had a friend and fellow agent drown several years ago in a resort area of Mexico while on a company trip. Even though the company's travel agent was on-site, the process of getting his remains off the beach, to a funeral home, then on a flight back home was extremely traumatic and very expensive. There were "permits" every step of the way and, of course, each of the officials needed "something extra" to issue the permit on a timely basis.

I personally was in a Mexican port when a passenger on another ship fell off the pier and died when he hit his head on some rocks. The authorities put his body on the pier and covered it with a sheet, leaving it in the hot sun all day while officials came and wrote out forms and took pictures of the body. Later that day, the body was gone. I hope and pray that the body was surrendered to the cruise ship and its morgue. We were just a few miles north of Belize and far, far from any city.

It is really important to have an international company at your beck and call 24 hours a day to deal with the authorities and to pay for the appropriate treatment of an injured visitor or to deal with the mortal remains on behalf of the family.

I never leave the US without international travel medical coverage.

You pay very hard earned dollars to go on the trip or vacation. If circumstances prohibited you from leaving on that trip, would you want to lose that money or would you want to collect on the insurance that is afforded with International travel coverage?

One of the best plans is from Seven Corners. This is the plan that I have always used. They have expanded their offerings so that they range from economy to the elite. I recommend that you take a look at the coverages and the rates and then buy the best plan that you can afford.

Below you will find the link to my page on their site. The travel insurance plan that is the best for US citizens going on vacation is "Round Trip".

This is an excellent source of coverage for you and your family or travel companions. 

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What I am going to discuss is all from personal experiences of traveling outside of the US for the last 28 years.

In the last several years I have been on several cruise vacations. Everyone has had an individual taken off the ship by ambulance or helicopter. You just do not want to get off loaded into a foreign country without someone else to help you every step of the way and for someone else to pay your bill. Generally your medical bills have to be paid in full before you get your passport back and depart. Sometimes it is just a matter of arranging for emergency medical evacuation from a country hack to the US for treatment.

Every instance that I have witnessed should have been assisted by the Emergency Assistance Dept. of the insurance company. Unlike in the US if you need assistance all you need to call the emergency number on your insurance card. It does not matter if it is a travel delay, lost luggage or being pulled of a cruise ship in rough seas by a helicopter (I was there) and flown to a hospital on an island, the individuals at the insurance company are there to assist you 24 hours a day. It can start with something so simple as my wife and having dinner with friends with the exception of their joining us on a 7 day cruise but during the night he got sick with food poisoning and missed the trip. They go back nearly every single dollar that they paid for that missed cruise.

What happens if you die while in a foreign country? One of my friends drowned in Mexico and it was a nightmare. They had to get a permit and a jeep just to move the body off the beach. The widow told us that every time the body was moved the authorities required a permit. I quote her, "If the travel agency that was handling the insurance companies trip had not been there, I do not think 1 could have handled it."