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If you are going on Medicare, there is one thing that you need to do. You should consult with a truly Professional, such as Phil or Jonathan Mattox. We have been helping individuals with Medicare for over 49 years.

Medicare Supplements do exactly what it sounds like they intend to do. The supplement will coordinate benefits claims that are APPROVED by Medicare to offset the out-of-pocket expense to the customer. If Medicare does not approve a claim/charge, the supplement will not pay on that as well.

Every year, on January 1st, Medicare raises the Part A and Part B deductibles and the co-pays that go with them. In 2024, the Part A deductible will be $1,632, and the Part B deductible will be $240. While Supplement Plan F pays both deductibles for you, that plan is no longer available to purchase if you were age 65 after January 1, 2020.

Medicare Supplements Plans G and N are by far the most popular plans today. With Plan G, you will be responsible for paying the Medicare B deductible. That is the only difference between F & G. Plan N is just like Plan G, except after the Medicare B deductible, you will be responsible for some co-pays and excess charges that otherwise would have been paid by Plan G.

Another option for you is High Deductible G. That plan has its own deductible on top of the Medicare B deductible. In 2023, that plan's High Deductible is $2,800. Some segments of society like this plan as a safety net. They feel that they do not need a supplement, but just in case something happens, they know where their losses cap out at.

The new plans offered by Blue Cross is Plan G+ and N+. For Medical claims approved by Medicare, it is just like Plan G or N respectively, but it adds some benefits with additional premiums. You can have some Dental, Vision, and Hearing Aid coverage (if the providers for those 3 are in-networks.) It also offers 24/7 Hotline for medical questions as well as Silver Sneaker Benefits.

Nurse Checking Elderly Man's Blood Pressure

New from Mutual of Omaha

Reduced rates for new Medicare Supplement clients with Omaha Insurance Company

Sample Rates* for Zip Codes 609-620, 622-628
Also the household discount has been increased to 12%!!!


G High Ded G N
Under 65 $388.17 $129.61 $266.69
65 $129.39 $43.10 $88.80
70 $139.77 $46.41 $96.09
75 $160.91 $56.89 $119.20
80 $194.42 $66.26 $144.74


G High Ded G N
Under 65 $438.66 $146.11 $301.00
65 $146.22 $48.70 $100.33
70 $154.55 $54.55 $112.70
75 $181.82 $64.28 $134.70
80 $219.71 $74.88 $163.55

These rates are for new applications, not for renewal. Plan F is only available to applicants who were 65 as of 1-1-2020.

* The above rates will be discounted by 12% if there are two individuals in the same household that have a Mutual of Omaha or affiliate Medicare Supplement policy and have lived in the same household for the previous 12 months. Individuals outside the Open Enrollment Period are subject to health questions and can be rated for tobacco plus health and weight.

BlueCross BlueShield of illinois - Effective 4/1/2024

Female Non-Tobacco

G N High Ded G G Plus N Plus
65 $149.19 $128.11 $51.96 $170.76 $151.68
70 $186.98 $162.76 $64.48 $210.55 $186.33
75 $241.21 $209.95 $81.52 $264.78 $233.52
80 $281.38 $244.91 $94.14 $304.95 $268.48
85 $316.98 $275.90 $105.34 $340.55 $299.47

male Non-Tobacco

G N High Ded G G Plus N Plus
65 $170.27 $148.21 $59.23 $193.84 $171.78
70 $215.63 $187.68 $73.48 $239.20 $211.25
75 $277.44 $241.49 $92.91 $301.01 $265.06
80 $323.22 $281.33 $107.30 $346.79 $204.90
85 $363.79 $316.66 $120.05 $387.36 $340.23

A 10% household discount will be applied when both have for or apply for the "new" plans by BlueCross and BlueShield effective 4-1-2024.

Call Jonathan for additional questions and to set up an appointment for our In-Person help. Remember there is never a charge for our services.